Tom Greenshields resin bronze ‘Pip’

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Tom Greenshields ~ Sculptor (1915 – 1994)

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Tom Greenshields was born in 1915, the grandson of the Victorian painter Edouard Van Goethem. He attended the Slade School of Art and it was here that he received a classical training in drawing and anatomy which was to fuel his life long artistic interest and passion in representing the human body.
Inspired by the power of work by Rodin and the movement of dancers by Degas, Tom developed an artistic style of his very own.
In 1980 he lost the use of his right hand in a farming accident. Undeterred, and with great courage, he transferred his artistic skills to his left hand and went on to produce some of his finest figurative sculptures.

His style is instantly recognizable, being both natural and sensual, reflecting his deep appreciation and knowledge of the female form. 

All of the original nude sculptures were modelled from life in clay, with the help of life drawings – the poses drawn from everyday life.

Tom Greenshields in his studio

Tom Greenshields in his studio

George Greenshields has informed us that all the editions have sold out so the only way to obtain one is through galleries and auctions – what are you waiting for?!

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