The Winter Reading Carriage Sale – Report

The last Reading Carriage sale of 2016, held at Reading on the 9th November, was a small but select affair, with some notable prices achieved.  The replica Curricle (20) which graced the front cover of the catalogue, not full size and still needing a considerable amount of work to complete it, made £4,100.  A highly painted London Trolley (30) reached its expected price of £10,500.  A Stick Back Phaeton (14) for a 15 to 16.2 hh pair made £1,400; and a Glinkowsky Exercise Cart (32) fetched £1,020.  A Harvest Wagon in original condition (3) made £600 as did an original Hay Wain (7) which had belonged to Lionel Seaward back in 1913.  A Harewood Gig to suit a 14.2 to 15.2 (33) made £380

Of the relatively small number of sets of harness on offer a set of black/yellow trade harness (106) made £1,500 and another trade set in two-tone brown made £320 (140).  A set of black/whitemetal cob size harness sold for £440 (13) and a single set by Huskissons of Walsall with a 20ins collar to fit 13.2 to 14.2 hh made £280 (118).  In the vehicle parts section a three-stud axle with three wheels made £95 (216); a corner manger by Musgrave of London & Belfast fetched £65 (171) and a brass foot rest £50.  The usual fittings such as snaps, shaft furniture, whip holders, etc. made between £12 and £50.

November however saw the largest number of entries for the Saddlery & Tack section since it was incorporated in Carriage Sales in 2013.  Amongst the saddles was a Western saddle which made £300 (845); a 17.5ins Albion Selecta saddle with inter-changeable panels £250 (2028); a 17ins GP saddle by Barnsby £200 (294); an Australian Stock saddle (388) £150; a brown leather GP saddle by Fieldhouse £155 (2054).  Various horse rugs sold for between £30 and £50, and bridles and bits from £20 to £60.

An interesting pair of rare postilion/outrider state whips by Callow each with a brass butt cap in the form of an Earl’s coronet and bearing the initial ‘D’ for Lord Derby, had bidders by phone and commission, eventually selling for £500 each (606 & 607).  A very rare Malacca hunting whip engraved ‘Nov 1835’ fetched £460 (608).  A fine example of a dealer’s whip by Crawley of Peterborough with a cross keys decoration made £470 (895).  A 57ins holly pair whip made £250 (942).  Holly whips by Swaine are always a popular buy –  a small child’s holly whip by Swaine made £150 (950); another by Swaine & Adeney £250 (757); a lady’s side saddle switch £100 (609) and a lady’s driving whip £80 (758).  There was a nice selection of carriage lamps  – a pair of decorated octagonal Hearse lamps with unusual top-hinged door panels made £600 (613); another pair by Wilson & Stockall, Bury made £200 (484). A pair of Alfred Hales black/brass oval lamps made £400 (559), as did a pair of very small carriage lamps with oval fronts (726); two other carriage lamps sold for £350 (930), and a pair of whitemetal Gig lamps with convex lenses made £250 (573). 

Other sundries realising good money were a 19ins black collar in show condition which fetched £220 (546); a hunting coat which made £170 (478); and a pair of patent/brass horse pair driving bridles which fetched £150 (543).  A large cream conical milk churn sold for £210 (604).  Rescued from a box of items to be sold as a ‘job lot’ in a General Sale was a small copper/nickel hunt horn by Swaine & Adeney with the initials ‘CGL’ on the mouthpiece, which sold for a very pleasing £150 (620).  Another saved from the rubbish tip was a large brown leather suitcase initialled ‘JHT’, minus its glass toiletry bottles, making £200 (901).  A complete “En route” travelling refreshment set in a wicker basket by Drew & Sons, London with a paraffin burner, hot plate, copper pan and kettle, and enamel cups and saucers made £110 (956).  A horse-shoe shaped mahogany table on three legs made £130 (957).  An oil painting of Park Carnation by F. Thurlby, along with Frank Haydon’s own leather-bound book entitled Famous Harness Horses, which contained a chapter on Park Carnation, sold to a foreign buyer for £340 (1009). 

In the models section were two superbly-made models  – a scaled miniature of the ‘Vigilant’ Road Coach complete with lamps, pole, etc. which sold for £1,750 (1044), and an apprentice piece model of a three-wheeled ‘Express’ Dairy Hand Cart with milk cans and a churn which made £1,450.  A glass case containing Frank Haydon’s Judging badges dating from 1960 made £160 (1045).

All in all a most successful sale and it just goes to show that quantity is not everything and the discerning buyers are always around for the right items.  A good end to what has been a busy year including several journeys “up north”, which we will be repeating in 2017 with a second North of England sale, and we look forward to 2017. 


Entries for the next carriage sale on 8th March 2017 are now being accepted, catalogue entries closing at the end of January.  Please contact Lynn Martin on 0118 950 8611,  or email, or download an entry form.

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