Sale Report – 1st March Carriage Sale Report


A good crowd attended the first Reading Carriage & Heavy Horse sale of 2017, which T&S director and auctioneer Chris Boreham described as “a curate’s egg!”.  Trade was certainly good in places with some notable prices achieved for quality items.  However the middle and bottom end of the market remains testing with no bids for some lots if they are not what buyers are looking for.  It is worth emphasising that there is no doubt that it helps to get lots in the catalogue, especially vehicles.  The principal prices achieved at the sale are set out below, all prices quoted being hammer prices net of 9% Buyers’ Premium.  

Forty-three vehicles were catalogued and there were ten late entries, one of which was a Burton Wagon built over 100 years ago and sold for £7,500.  Another late entry was a Presentation Phaeton by Kelders of Holland to suit a pair of ponies, which made £1,250.  A Wagonette Break built by the Wellington Carriage Co. (37) sold for £3,750; an attractive Stick Back Gig (20) by Brinsby & Sons of Long Acre, London and restored by Fairbourne Carriages fetched £3,300; a Box ‘Bus (30) dating from 1901 generated a lot of enquiries and sold for £2,850, and a Pleasure Driving Vehicle by Dartmoor Carriages of Devon (12) made £2,150.  A Wagonette (18) built by the late David Fielden to suit a large pair or team, made £2,200; a Ralli Car by Stella Motor Co., Ashford circa 1909 (19) made £2,400 and a Four-Wheeled Dog Cart by Croford of Ashford (22) £2,700.  Amongst the agricultural vehicles a medium size Farm Wagon in original condition (27) made £360.

The highest bid in the Harness section was £1,700 for two sets of London trade working harness (131).  A set of London light trade harness (128) made £1,100; a black/red set of trade harness bearing initials ‘J.A.’ (130) made in the early 1900’s sold for £600, and another trade set (132), with horse head terrets, made £525.  A black/brass set of breast collar harness by Huskissons of Walsall (159) to fit 16 to 18 hh made £700, and a full size presentation/coaching team harness, without reins, (129) also by Huskissons made £580.   Also entered was a pony team set (117) which made £200; two miniature pony circus harnesses (124) £260 and a British Army pack harness complete with casualty carriers (133) £300.

The Vehicle Parts section saw a successful bid of £175 for a pair of 54ins Warner wheels with axle (229); four Trolley tyres (209) made £110; six 3 stud Trolley wheels (283) £120; a pair of 11ft shaft blanks (192) £75; and a selection of mixed spring hangers (199) £85.

The Saddlery & Tack section is forever growing with a large number of saddles being entered; one sold for £200; a 17.5ins GP saddle (566) made £150 and an Australian Stock saddle (537) £60.  Others made between £50 and £60 including a 15ins Eldonian (339), a 17ins Fieldhouse (353) and a 17.5ins Falcon/Hawk event saddle (388). 

Amongst the Heavy Horse Sundries a 22ins heavy horse working collar (631) made £180; and another with hames (638) fetched £130.  A pair of cart bridles (649) by Master Saddler, S. Belasco fetched £220.  A 21ins show collar with brass hames and box keepers (1139) made £140 and another 21ins collar with hames made by Master Saddler (1275) fetched £300.  A set of four steel dray chains made £340 (709).  Elsewhere in Sundries a show pony trade collar (1173) sold for £220; and a pair of black bridles with brass fittings made £130 (1397); a leather pad with tugs made by the late Schroeder fetched £130 (1157); and a military saddle and bridle dating back to the Boer war (1170) made £160.  A pair of field/coaching boots by Maxwell with wooden trees (1241) fetched £200. 

 Amongst the Whips, a side saddle switch with wrist chain (840) made £170; a Carter’s whip (720) sold for £130; and a blackthorn driving whip by Callow (837) £160, as did a pony gig whip with snakeskin handle (837).  A holly driving whip by Buck (969) and a hawthorn pairs whip (1271) both made £180.  A small holly whip with bone handle (1196) fetched £125.  A pair of Lawton lamps with screw-in stems (936) topped the market at £900; whilst a pair of large copper/brass fire engine lamps by Shand Mason (830) made £650. A pair of narrow-fronted carriage lamps (1335) sold exceptionally well for £400; and a pair of lamps with convex lenses (1409) by Cooks Laurel Hardware & Co., Maryland made £210.  Several Horns sold well, including three by Köhler: a heavy mail-pattern horn in a wicker case (1007) made £350; a collapsible coaching horn (833) £260 and a four-in-hand ribbed coach horn initialled P.B.H (1006) £250.  A copper/nickel coaching horn by Keats & Son (903) made £250; another by Schomberg with a Boosey & Co. mouthpiece (1093) fetched £240 and a copper/nickel silver hunting horn by Swaine & Adeney (926) made £200.

Of the more unusual items a mahogany spur bar complete with spurs (842) made £130; a silver-plated whisky flask with cups in a case (847) made £200, whilst a Victorian flask with silver top and horn beaker (1355) fetched £120.  A letter clip set (927) made £200; an all-brass milk churn in excellent condition (933) fetched £900, an oak and antler whip rack (931) made £180; and a cast iron hat rack (1070) £540. 

In Pictures, Models & Books a large framed and glazed sepia photograph of Lord Roundway driving his drag and team (1474) made a startling £600 and three hand-coloured prints of scenes from Dickens after Albert Ludovici Jnr (1496, 1497 and 1498) together made an excellent £220.  A silk woven picture after Cecil Aldin (1484) made £140 and a Cecil Aldin print of a Gig in Tandem (1472) made £100.  Three hand-made models of coaches displayed in glass cases (1536, 1537 and 1538) fetched £675, £700 and £800 respectively.  A model of a fairground truck and organ trailer (1551) made £130; a whitemetal garden ornament in the form of a Cinderella’s coach (1581) made £120 and a wooden rocking horse (1572) £110.  “The Romance of the Road” written and illustrated by Cecil Aldin, complete with a map of London (1606) fetched £95 and two volumes by A.B Shone of A Century and a Half of Amateur Driving (1670) made £55, as did a set of Shire Horse Society Stallion Stud books circa 1890 (1666).

Entries for the next carriage sale, on 3rd May 2017, are now being accepted.  Please contact Lynn Martin at the office on 0118 950 8611, email or download an entry form from the website –