March Carriage Sale Report - March 27th, 2014

Going, going gone at Reading Carriage Sales

Spring brings with it the gathering of carriage drivers at the Thimbleby & Shorland Reading Carriage Sale

What a brilliant atmosphere there was at the first carriage sale of the year in Reading – it has been some time since such a large crowd of enthusiasts has gathered to trade in their  specialist goods, or at least have a good catch up after the wet winter months.

The most imposing and subsequently, most expensive, lot of the day was a delightful ledge gypsy wagon by George Cox of Hereford circa 1925, which had travelled down from Scotland to be sold. Attracting good interest, it made £25,000 (12).

An eye-catching baker’s van, with a good provenance having been used until about 1960, was sold for £5,200 (15); the lot before being a four-wheeled milk float, with a similarly good history, which made £1,700 (14).

Although not to all tastes, a highly ornate child’s hearse dating from circa 1875 sold for £2,300 (38). A continental shooting phaeton to suit a pair sold for £1,900 (11); a well-bottom gig with the axle marked Selby & Son and dated 1892 sold for £1,700 (16); a brougham by Pink & Sons of Fareham made £1,500 (20) and an unusual tonneau gig to suit a small pony made £1,100 (21). A hooded gig was sold for use in the film industry for £1,200 (28), the same purchaser buying a Victoria by Joseph G Boon for £1,250 (39).

Three older Benningtons sold well – a 1999 B1 competition vehicle made £1,380 (41), a 2000 Buccaneer made £900 (42) and a 2005 Fun Bug sold for £1,250 (43). Towards the end of the section, a rare miniature governess car went to a northern based collector for £500 (78).

The collection consigned by the Honourable Caroline Partridge, although somewhat dated and in need of attention, was well received.

A governess car by Brown & Sons of Slough & Windsor went for £500 (23), a circa 1900 basketweave ‘Launston’ gig made £600, the same purchaser bought a Jacobs of Guildford vis-à-vis phaeton for £650 (25), a William Kinross chair back gig sold for £575 (26) and a cutter sleigh by Flandrau & Co of New York sold for £675 (27).

There were some superb sets of harness on offer and trade kicked off well when a set of Shire harness with 26” collar by Colin Knapp sold for £3,200 (105). An Australian-made set of black/patent team harness to suit 16 hh sold for £1,150 (126), a set of red Moroccan trade harness made £1,120 (143;, a set of full size private driving harness made £1,050 (146); a similar set which could also be used for trade sold for £1,250 (153) and a superb set of black/ patent show harness by John McDonald to suit a pony pair made £2,700 (215).

Carriage parts had the usual selection of treasures and a swingletree sold for £285 (324); a pair of warner wheels with axle to suit a butcher’s cart sold for £165 (386); a pair of ash bent shafts sold for £150 (397) and an axle with springs and turntable sold for £160 (419).

In spite of what happens in the rest of the extensive auction, the action really always remains with the sundries, having a huge number of lots on offer. One lot attracted a good buzz – an  original coach footboard lamp by Peters & Sons which sold for £5,000 (1257). An original dealer’s whip by J Holland & Sons with a penny farthing in the base sold for £270 (1022) and two tandem whips each made £200 (1108 & 1110). A pair of square fronted lamps sold for £420 (1196), a rare patent fire escape ladder by Merryweather sold for £260 (1368); a  Swaine & Adeney Beaufort pattern coach horn sold for £200 (1387), an 82 inch ‘in  memorium’ black holly whip sold for £350 (1392). Another Swaine & Adeney whip sold for £220 (1393); a footboard watch case in crocodile made £320 (1399); a pair of Brougham lamps made £280 (1410), as did a very rare Nailsea glass coach horn in case (1412). Two leather top hat boxes each made £380 (1440 & 1442); a boot trunk by Maxwell made £460 (1445) and a pair of large lamps made £650 (1491). A carriage umbrella sold for £240  (1494); a fine black silk top had made £280 (1459); a pair of Merryweather fire engine  lamps sold for £200 (1528); a single Marston hearse lamp made £260 (1533) and a fine patent show collar with hames made £420 (1634).

From the Partridge family items, a Swaine & Adeney lady’s whip sold for £300 (1743); as did another holly whip with an ivory handle (1744); another whip with gold ferrule and butt made £390 (1746); a Swaine & Adeney team whip sold for £320 (1747) and a holly whip  dated 1897 sold for £200 (1748).

Towards the end of the section, a pair of good oval fronted lamps made £460 (1791); a fine pair of oval fronted lamps with magnifying glass fronts sold for £400 (1946) and another similar pair made £280 (1976).

The horse brasses attract some devoted followers, one client travelling from New Hampshire, USA for the sale. A 1913 Surbiton merit badge made £300 (2048), a 1906 merit badge made £220 (2051), an enamel Hackney driver badge made £200 (2062), a leather strap with RSPCA award badge made £310 (2067), a Lancashire & Yorkshire railway brass made £350 (2070), a rare Victorian 1887 Jubilee brass made £340 (2072), a five brass swinger made £340 (2072) and a George V royalty brass made £320 (2075).

In the pictures a large coaching scene after Cecil Aldin of the Windsor to London mail coach made £130 (2203) and in the models, a limited edition Border Fine Arts model entitled ‘Fruit & Veg’ sold for £500 (2286). In the books, a Coaching Days of England sold for £165 (2446) and H C Moore’s Omnibuses & Cabs sold for £210 (2461).

The next Reading Carriage Sale will be held on Wednesday 7 May.

Sale report - pdf

Speedy on line auction – further details - February 24th, 2014


On instruction of



Viewing:  Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th February 10am – 4pm

Bidding  will take place with

From  noon on Tuesday 25th February until
Noon on Wednesday 26th January

Additional equipment included


Along with the following

Genie SLA25, SLA15 SLA10 superlifts, ALP lifts & pop up platforms, Leica & Topcon laser levels, staffs & tripods, petrol & diesel 1-4kva generators, petrol & diesel compactors & reversing plates, Wacker ‘green top’ upright rammers, Belle 150 petrol & electric mini mixers, JCB Beaver, Cat PP120 & Belle hydraulic packs and guns, Clipper, Redband & Makita petrol & electric floor saws, brick saws, bench saws, folding table saws, block splitters & Hiretech floor sanders, petrol & HF poker drives & lances, fuel kaddis, site tool stores, petrol & electric 1-3in water & sub pumps, diesel & petrol pressure washers & steam  cleaners, concrete screed drives, power floats & magiscreeds, Thermalarc & Transarc welding inverters, petrol & electric workshop compressors, fuel transfer pumps, pallet trucks, porta powers & hydraulic jacks, air movers, Partner, Stihl & Husqvarna cut off saws.  Hilti, Bosch, Makita, Dewalt & Metabo power tools, including mag drills & stands, sds & hammer drills, routers, grinders, wall chasers, circular saws, chop saws, jig saws, heat guns, tool transformers, Spit & Hilti catridge tools, & Fischer fixings, Makita & Bosch GSH27 heavy breakers, rebar tiers, floor scrubbers & polishers, Hacket, Yale & Eller chain hoists, unused lifting straps, strops & girder trolleys, industrial fans, dehumidifiers & air conditioning units, Ridgid 1233, 690 & 300 pipe threaders, Rems & Kompress pipe tools, scaffold winches, porta gantrys, rough terrain pallet trucks, boat skips & cone skips


Click here for i-bidder listing with photographs and to register to bid

February Plant auction sales report - February 21st, 2014


Without doubt the wettest plant sale for many a year.  The hardy souls stuck to their tasks until the close at 8pm, and we are pleased to report a very strong trade throughout.  Export trade once again to the fore and many choosing to use the online option due to the weather, with 30%  selling on line.  An overall clearance of 88% shows the trade is still there.  Keep an eye on our web page  to keep up to date with Hewden & Speedy auctions on the go.

Principle transactions as follows:

CRANE, TELEHANDLERS & ACCESS:  Unic URM295CE tracked crane £13,700, Caterpillar TH330B £11,750 (04), Hyster H70 (non runner, hole in block) £5,500, Caterpillar 25 gas £4,000, G Power 2.5 tonne diesel £3,800, Niftylift HR12 £7,250, £6,000 (07), Genie Z45/25 £6,500 (99), Niftylift TL38 £3,600, Niftylift 120 £3,600, Genie 1932 scissor lift £2,900 twice, £2,700, £2,400, £2,200, JLG 1230ES £2,800 twice, JLG 2030 £2,200, Genie AWP40S £1,900, £1,400, £1,300, Genie AWP 36S £1,900, Genie AWP30S £1,600, Genie AWP25S £1,250
EXCAVATORS:  Takeuchi TB53FR £19,750 (10), Yanmar V1075 £14,800 (07), Doosan 27Z £11,100 (10), Takeuchi TB23FR £10,500 (08), JCB 801.8 £8,000 (10), £8,400 (09), Hitachi Zaxis 15 £7,000 (09), Neuson 2702 £6,600 (99), JCB 801.4 £6,200, £6,100 twice, £5,800 (09), £6,400, £6,200, £6,000 (08), £6,100 twice (07), £5,600, £5,400, £5,200 (06), Takeuchi TB016 £6,100 twice (08), £6,100, £5,800 twice (07), £5,500 (06), Kubota KX61 £5,800, Kubota KX36-3 £5,600 (07), £5,300 (06), Kubota KX41-2 £5,000 (03), JCB micro £5,000 (07), £4,800, £4,600 (06), Takeuchi TB008 £4,000 (06), TCP tracked stone crusher £4,100 twice 
ATTACHMENTS:  Hydraulic shear £2,400, excavator plate £900, hydraulic breaker £1,100, £900, £700 twice, £600, £450 (3 times), block grab £450 twice, Cat quickhitch £450, £400, Set of JCB micro buckets £220 (3 times)
DUMPERS: Thwaites 1 tonne £4,800, £4,600 (07), £4,500 (06), £3,700, £3,300 (05), Benford 5 tonne £3,600 (01), Thwaites 3 tonne £3,200 (05), £3,050 (04), Benford 3 tonne £2,900 (01), Barford DX5000 £2,600 (97)
ROLLERS:  Hanta BP31C asphalt finisher £5,800, Ammann AV12 £5,300 (08), Bomag BW135 £5,000 (02), Bomag BW80 £3,900, £3,500 (02), £3,500 (99), Benford MBR71HE £1,500, £1,300, £850 twice, Bomag BW55e £600, £580, £420 
COMPRESSORS:  Ingersoll Rand 7/71 £3,800, Atlas Copco 4 tool £3,000 twice, Atlas Copco XAS67 £3,000 (06), XAS77 £2,500, £2,400 (04), Compair C38 £1,900 (07), Sullair 65 £2,100, £2,050, £1,800 twice (08), £1,800 (07), Atlas Copco XAS47£1,700 twice (07), Ingersoll Rand 7/31 £1,700 (09), £1,600 (08), Atlas Copco XAS76 £1,400, XAS36 £1,050 (05)
GENERATORS & WELDERS: Wilson Perkins 100kva £4,000, Lincoln electric 400 £4,000, Wilson Perkins 75kva £3,800, Macgen 100kva £2,400 twice, Genset MG501PSM £2,300, Arcgen Powermaker 15MV £2,000, Wilson Perkins 16kva £1,800, Lister LPW3 15kva £1,700, Stephill 20kva £1,600, Miller Big Blue 400X £1,1550, Arcgen Weldmaker 330SSD £1,050, Atlas Copco QAS20 £1,000, Pramac P11000 £900, Genset MGK10000 £900, £720, Lister HR2 240v £850, Pramac P10000 £800, Genset MG6000 £640, £580, £560, £500 twice, Pramac C6000 £600 twice, £500, Arcgen Powermaker 6DV £580, Stephill SE6000 £480 twice, £460, £440, 4 petrol generators £420 twice, £400 (5 times)
ENGINES:  Deutz 6 cylinder £1,000, Kubota D1703 £950, JCB 801.4 engine £700, Kubota V2203 £500
MIXERS  Benford 5/3½ Hatz £900, £280 (3 times), screed mixer Hatz £700, Terex CT Yanmar e/s £450, Benford 5/3½ LT1 £380 (3 times), Belle 100XT Yanmar e/s £320, £300 twice, Winget 100T LT1 £350, £320, Belle 100XT LT1 £280, Belle mini mixers to £100
HYDRAULIC PACKS: JCB Beaver pack & gun £500, £480 twice, £255, £240, Belle pack £230, 4 hydraulic guns £260
PLATE COMPACTORS & RAMMERS:  Belle 30/40 £600, Wacker DPU2540 £650, Mikasa 304D £480 twice, £400 twice, upright rammer £230 (3 times), £215 (3 times), £200, £155
Pallet of poker lances £310, Honda pdu 360, electric poker lances £80, power floats to £210
PUMPS: GSP 6in skid mounted £1,550, GSP 4in trailer mounted £1,600, £1,350, Hatz single cylinder £1,000 (4 times), £900, Drysite 3in £660, Yanmar diesel £620, diesel water pump £380, Wacker 3in £190, Honda Kosch water pump £140,  
FLOORSAWS & SAWBENCHES: Husqvarna road saw £280, £250, Wacker BFS100 £250, £100, Clipper C99 £240, £200 (3 times), £130 (6 times)

Ride On Mowers:  Cub Cadet £400, Honda 2213 £360, Scag flail mower £200 twice
Chainsaws: Stihl MS201 £320, Stihl MS171 £190, £180, Husqvarna 346 £150 
Mowers: Honda flail £400, Turner flail £200, Hayter Harrier 56 £130, £120, Victa rough cut £80
Hedgecutters: Stihl £140, £120, Stihl long reach £110, Makita petrol £20 (5 times)
Strimmers & Brushcutters: Stihl strimmer £160, Stihl FS350 £100 
Other Equipment:  Bearcat 76628 chipper £5,800, Rayco stump grinder £700, Midland stump grinder £450, RT65 walk behind tiller £310, £300, Gardenmaster turf cutter £270, Stihl auger £180, Stihl lawn rake £150

WORKSHOP EQUIPMENT: Ridgid 1224 pipe threader £640, Karcher HDS745 steam cleaner £470 twice, Megtronic mig welder £360, Hilta diesel washer £300, Hilta steam cleaner £270, hydraulic ramp £250, airless sprayer £230, 3 phase compressor £220, gearbox jack £200, steam cleaner £200, Murex 500A mig welder £200, Engine crane £110

SITE EQUIPMENT:  Boss 6.2m alloy towers £950 (twice), Boss 4.2m alloy towers £650 (twice), other towers to £500, £450 etc, GRP towers to £550 (twice), £500, laser level £480 other levels to £240, UGO platform tower £350, Razadecks to £280, Problast kerb lifter £340, Robo traffic control £240, block carry trolley £220, electric pallet truck £220, Genie lift £180, 8 Acrow props £180, 8 Youngman boards £170, pop up tower £120, 7 bandstands £100, numerous ladders & step ladders £85-£15

HAND & POWER TOOLS: Stihl TS410 disc cutter £260 (twice), £220,. £210 etc, Stihl TS400 £150, £130 etc, Wacker petrol breaker £180, mag drill £180, Husqvarna disc cutter £160, Makita rotary breakers to £150 (3 times), Hilti rotary breakers to £150, Makita disc cutters to £140, Hiretech floor sanders to £140, Draper space heater £140, Genie telescopic mast £120, floor planer £120, Cobra petrol breaker £110, Paslode nail gun £100, Kango saw £100, Bosch breaker £100, airless sprayer £100, many small tools £85to £10

AIR TOOLS:  Heavy breaks to £90, scabblers to £30 many breakers £20-£10, pallet of breakers to £280, £200 etc

TRAILERS, BOWSERS, TOWER LIGHTS:  Grundowinch TK3000 £8,000 twice, £7,400 twice, VT1 tower light £2,400, £2,000, £1,900 twice, £1,800 (3 times), £1,400, £1,200 twice, triaxle trailer £1,650, Abbi 950L bowser £1,000, £900, £800, Western twin axle water bowser £1,000, £900, Transcube 2000L bowser £1,500, £1,000, £950, Western washer bowser £1,000, Ifor Williams livestock trailer £1,150, Indespension plant trailer £1,000, £800, £600, £450 twice, Abbi 500L bowser £800 

VEHICLES:  Mercedes U1000 Unimog £7,000, JCB Groundhog £3,000, ERF plant lorry £1,600 (96), Iveco 35S12 van £1,400 (04)

Speedy on line auction details - February 14th, 2014

On instruction of
To include
Generators, plate compactors & rammers, mini mixers, hydraulic packs, bench saws, pokers, fuel kaddis, pumps, floor saws, pressure washers, grinders, scabblers, garden machinery, cut off saws, demo hammers, drills, routers, sanders, impact wrenches, heaters, dehumidifiers, and much more
Viewing: Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th February 10am – 4pm
Bidding will take place with
(catalogue will be available shortly)
From noon on Tuesday 25th February
Noon on Wednesday 26th February


Silver Sports Trophies - February 5th, 2014


Silver Sports Trophies to go Under the Hammer

Reading auctioneers Thimbleby & Shorland have been instructed by Prudential Ibis Club, based in Scours Lane, Reading, to sell some of their surplus sports trophies.  These trophies date back to the days when the Club was formed by the Prudential as a Sports Club for its staff and known as the Prudential Clerks Society Ibis Club.  The trophies range in date from 1882 to 1934, the oldest being a large shield-shaped trophy by Elkington & Co and known as the “Milton Shield”.  It is an electroplated plaque decorated with scenes from John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” on a wooden shield-shaped mount.   The original shield was made for Elkington & Co by Morel Ladeuil for the Paris Exhibition in 1867 and is in the V&A museum.    

Another arresting trophy, the Ibis Lawn Tennis Club Challenge Trophy, was presented to the Club in 1915 and stands 25½ inches (65 cms) high.  Made of sterling silver by Mappin & Webb of London in 1905 it weighs in at an impressive 124 ounces (3,856 grams).   The Ibis Fencing Club Ladies’ Championship Trophy, presented in 1934, is a sterling silver figurine of a female fencer in fencing attire complete with épée.  The figurine stands on a plinth and overall the trophy is 10½ inches (27 cms) in height.  6 other trophies make up the collection, including a substantial sterling silver tray measuring 27½ inches by 16½ inches (70 cms by 42 cms) made in Sheffield in 1900, a silver bowl, a large silver urn, a shield with silver plaque depicting swimmers, a silver tankard and a silver cup. 

Thimbleby & Shorland partner and auctioneer Chris Boreham believes that the collection will attract significant interest and not just from silver buyers.  “There is a strong local interest to these trophies and we are delighted that the Club have asked us to sell them, thus keeping the local connection.  The majority of the trophies have a value well above that of the silver from which they are made.  The Milton Shield is a rare and beautiful piece made by one of England’s finest producers of silver plating.  I believe that the last example was sold in New York last year, so we hope to have international interest.  The Tennis trophy is a real statement piece of silver, made by Mappin & Webb in 1905, and would stand out on anyone’s sideboard!    The other trophy to make special mention of is the ladies’ fencing trophy.  Again it is by Mappin & Webb and the detail of the fencing clothing and épée, with a very 1930’s feel to it, make it a fascinating piece.”

The trophies are being sold at the Auctioneers’ premises in Great Knollys Street, Reading, on Saturday 22nd February, with viewing from 12 noon to 6.30 p.m. the day before.  For further information telephone 0044 (0) 118 950 8611, email

Press release - pdf

November Carriage Sale Report - January 2nd, 2014

Sale report – November carriage sale - pdf

Highlights in the carriage section were two delightful and original manual estate fire engines, by the leading builders Merryweather and Shand Mason. The first (lot 8) dated from circa 1890 and was typically finished in bright red. Sold complete with shafts, hoses, branch
and strainer, it attracted strong bidding and the hammer came down at £4,000. Consigned
by the same vendor, the next fire engine was older, dating from 1852, and was a rare model,
bearing an usual plaque marked ‘Shand Mason, Successor to Tilley, Blackfriars Road, London’. After good interest, it went to the USA for £2,000 (10).
Elsewhere, a Polish four-wheeled competition vehicle went to a local buyer for £1,050 (11);
an eye-catching Bradford cart, by the superb builders Jowett & Son of Yorkshire, sold for
£2,000 (13); the next lot was also a Bradford cart which made £1,350 (14). A single brougham in need of extensive restoration went to Ireland for £850 (24); a phaeton by McMullen & Son sold for £1,550 (32) and a late entered dairy handcart with a churn by T Tingley Ltd, which had been in a museum, sold for £1,850 (34). In the sets of harness, a show set with collar made the top price of £800 (172) and the parts section offered its usual wide selection of useful items, such as a set of cooking pots and pans for a gypsy wagon (lot 284 – £80); a set of four 3-stud wheels and tyres which made £130 (287) and a set of pony size team bars, which sold for £150 (311). A set of four iron-shod wheels with axlessold for £180 (321) and another pair of wheels with axle sold for £150 (338).

Sundries prove popular
Always the most popular area of the auction, the sundries did not disappoint. A restored
coaching umbrella, consigned by a Dutch client, sold for £350 (714); a good ‘cart’ collar made £160 (769); a pair of lamps sold for £270 (814); five matching, lined, camel coloured coaching rugs sold for £190 (900) and a portable rein handling machine made £150 (913). Two lengths of leather suction hose stamped ‘Merryweather’ sold for £190 (995); an army saddle with high cantle made £200 (1003); another carriage umbrella sold for £130 (1005); a pair of unusual pine harness brackets made £160 (1007) and a rare boot trunk by F G Buhl & Son of Burlington Arcade, London, made the top price of £1,100 (1017), and was equalled by the next lot, a similar item by Peal & Co of Oxford St, London (1018). Leather top hat boxes sold for £240 (1022), £260 (1023, 1024 & 1026) and a square pattern hat box made £300 (1027).
A graduated set of hallmarked silver beakers in their original leather case made £320 (1035);
a fine pair of boot pulls in a chamois case made £400 (1036) and a military pack saddle dated 1945 sold for £450 (1044). A pair of size 9 brown boots made £240 (1058) and a jointed four-inhand whip by Schomberg sold for £260 (1062).
A fine silver and ivory mounted holly whip by Swaine & Adeney, dated 1892, sold for £330
(1196; a dashboard lamp made £350 (1234) and towards the end of the day, a dealers whip
inscribed ‘Earl of Lonsdale’ sold for £400 (1265). 
An oil of a hunting scene by Wallace Hollis sold for £200 (1372); a large oil painting showing
hunt hounds in a stable made £400 (1378) and a signed Henry Standing showing a single black horse and gig made £500 (1437). Rounding off the day, a rare first edition by Francis T Underhill Driving for Pleasure, dated 1887, sold for £340 (1549); followed by another first edition, Edwin Howlett’s Driving Lessons, which sold for £300 (1550). They were both topped by a first edition Manual of Coaching, by Fairman Rogers, dated 1900, which made £485 (1551).

Entries for the next carriage sale in March are now being accepted. Please download an
entry form

Hewden Auction – VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION – AUCTION DAY - December 5th, 2013

Due to the closure of the railway bridge at Burghfield on Auction Day, from the M4 take junction 11, then south on the A33 towards Basingstoke and then follow the diversion signs which will take you off at the A33 at the second set of traffic lights.  You will be directed via Mereoak Lane, Great Lane, Hartley Court Road, and Amners Farm Road to its junction with Burghfield Road.   At that point there will be a Road Closed Access Only sign, ignore it and follow the auction signs. 

There will be another road closed sign just after Berrys Road on the right, ignore it and follow the auction signs.

If in any doubt, follow the diversion signs, then our auction signs, help line call 07836 233805 or 07814 649355.