Fiona Goldbacher
The Fiona Goldbacher Studio Sale at Thimbleby and Shorland

We are delighted to be selling works of art and sculpture by Fiona Goldbacher as part of our General Sale closing on the 4th July.

Fiona Goldbacher, Sculptor and painter

Fiona has worked as a sculptor in alabaster, marble and terracotta for the past forty years at her home and studio in Pietrasanta Tuscany, near the marble centre of Carrara, where she used to spend half the year.

Pietrasanta has a thriving community of sculptors and artisans. Fiona has held many exhibitions there of her series of large figurative and abstract pieces, based on dance movements in travertine, carrara and pink rosa portogallo marble, and of her series of mother and child pieces in alabaster and soapstone.

When in London she works mainly on her flower paintings and landscapes in gouache or oils. She has exhibited her paintings in London, Morocco and Japan.

Fiona Goldbacher
Fiona Goldbacher
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