T&S have no plans to conduct live Antiques and General sales for the foreseeable future.
One of the effects of the pandemic has been a rapid increase in the use of online bidding, something which is unlikely to reduce significantly in the near future.
The most significant advantage to buyers of a timed online sale, as opposed to live and online, is that all buyers have exactly the same opportunity to buy, and face exactly the same costs.  The problem we experienced with a mix of online, live, and on the telephone, is that the different sections of buyers felt disadvantaged at times, and this did cause friction.
We can see no advantage to our Sellers in returning to a live and online format, as we firmly believe that this would reduce prices.  We do encourage bidders to come and view in person if possible, and look forward to seeing more people that way, as the lack of face to face contact is undoubtedly a downside to the move to online.

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