1. Ponies must not be removed from pens without the owner or his/ her representative being present.

2. At all Sales, if the owner is not present in person, a representative must be nominated in advance who will be responsible for
the ponies.

3. All stock must be registered with the Shetland Pony Stud-Book Society at least 4 weeks BEFORE the closing date of the

4. The minimum age of foals to be sold is eighteen weeks on the day of the Sale even if being sold at foot. The foal’s exact date
of birth must be stated on the entry form.

5. It must be emphasised that foals, unless being sold at foot, must be weaned. This means they must be able to drink water
and eat hard feed independently.

6. No ponies will be accepted for sale if they have undergone any form of surgical procedure e.g. castration, within 4 weeks of
the sale date.

7. Owners who have had ponies suffering from an infectious disease within one month of the Sale must not present any ponies
for sale. Any ponies showing symptoms of an infectious disease such as coughing, swollen glands, high temperature or a
muco-purulent nasal discharge (snotty nose) will be excluded from the Sale.

8. Any ponies over the age of eighteen years must have a Vet’s certificate, dated the day before the Sale, stating that the pony is
fit to travel. The pony must only be vetted the day immediately prior to the Sale. If no such certificate is received by the
Auctioneer, the pony must not be permitted to go forward for sale. No ponies over 20 years of age will be accepted for sale.

9. If a mare is in foal, it is assumed it is to a stallion/entire male registered with SPS-BS. If in foal to an unregistered
stallion/entire male, the progeny will not be eligible for registration with the Society. The covering stallion/entire male’s name
and registration number and date(s) of covering must be clearly stated on the form.

10. In the interests of welfare, it is recommended that lactating mares are not accepted at Society Sales unless sold with foal at
foot, nor should mares due to foal within eight weeks or less of the date of the Sale be accepted.

11. Full details of the following must be given on the entry form and printed in the catalogue :
Sire’s name and Stud-Book number Dam’s name and Stud-Book number
Exact date of birth of pony
Name and registration number of covering stallion / entire male, if applicable. Dates of covering must be included.
If mares have not been covered in the current season, this must be stated

12. In the interests of welfare, working ponies of four years old or over only may be clipped.

13. Passports for all ponies will be checked by Society officials. Should a passport be found to be incorrect, a charge of £10
will be payable to the Society before the pony will be permitted to go through the ring.

14. The Auctioneers will collect a non-refundable entry fee of £5 + VAT (£6) on every pony entered into a Society sale, which
must be paid at the time of entry.

15. TRANSFER FEES – Please note that it is now the responsibility of NEW OWNERS to pay the transfer fees for ponies
they have purchased. The same rates apply for both members & non-members. All transfer fees are £20 per pony. THESE

16. In the case of a pony being exported, the new owner will be responsible for paying the export fee of £50. An International
Pony Movement Certificate will be forwarded directly to the foreign Stud-Book Society concerned. The Society would like all
vendors of ponies sold for export to be present whilst the Vet completes the IPMC.

17. All ponies must have a Passport. No pony must be permitted to be presented for sale unless the Passport has been received
by the Auctioneer’s Office prior to the Sale. The Passport must then be passed to the new owner for the onward journey.

18. The Society reserves the right to random DNA test ponies which would involve taking a hair sample.