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I/We certify that the items entered for the above sale are my/our sole property, or that I am authorised by their owner to sell the items at auction, that they are not
subject to any hire purchase agreement or other third-party rights, and that the particulars are correct to the best of my/our knowledge.
I/We agree to the terms and conditions printed below.

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  • 1. Conditions of Sale – All lots will be offered subject to Thimbleby and Shorland’s usual Conditions of Sale, which are available on our website or on request.
  • 2. Entries – Completed entry forms, which are available on our website or from the office, must accompany items when delivered to the saleroom.
  • 3. Delivery – All Lots are to be delivered by appointment.
  • 4. Reserve Prices – All reserve prices should be made in writing by 5pm on the day prior to the sale, otherwise all lots will be sold without reserve. In the event of a Lot failing to reach it’s reserve at auction, the Auctioneers may sell the Lot by private treaty for not less than the reserve price.
  • 5. Clearance – All Lots become the responsibility of the Buyer at the fall of the hammer and any unsold Lots remain the responsibility of the Seller. Unsold Lots not collected will be charged at a rate of not less than £10 per item to dispose of. In any event all Lots should be removed in their entirety from the auction premises within three days of the sale. After this time the Auctioneers reserve the right to sell goods left on the auction premises to defray the cost of storage.
  • 6. Descriptions – All lots will be described to the best of the Auctioneer’s ability, from information supplied by the Sellers, who alone shall be responsible for any error or misstatement. The Auctioneers undertake no liability whatsoever in respect of faults, deficiencies and errors of description, oral or printed. Nor do they accept responsibility for the authenticity, genuineness, condition, origin, age, mileage or quality of any Lot. The Auctioneers will assume that the Seller has approved the catalogue description unless informed to the contrary.
  • 7. The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 – Electrical and Mechanical Goods. It is an offence to sell goods that are unsafe. Consignors of electrical or mechanical items warrant that they are safe to be used for the purpose for which they were designed and free from any defect not obvious on external inspection, which could prove dangerous to human life or health, and indemnify the Auctioneers against any loss or damage suffered in consequences of any breach of this warranty or undertaking. All electrical goods must have a current PAT test label and accompanying certificate and if not then the Auctioneers will conduct a test at a cost of £5 plus VAT per item, payable prior to testing. Items not passing a PAT test will not be offered for sale and must be removed from the premises by the seller.
  • 8. Notification – A sale notification will be emailed to the seller prior to the sale.
  • 9. Payment to Seller:Will be made 14 days after the sale date, assuming the Lot(s) have been paid for. No interest is payable to Sellers on monies held by the Auctioneers.
  • 10. Liability - The Auctioneers do not accept responsibility for any accident, loss or damage from any cause whatsoever which may occur on the auction premises.
  • 11. INSURANCE - All goods are covered under the Auctioneers’ policy whilst on their premises. The value for insurance purposes shall be at the assessment of the Auctioneers and shall not exceed the lower figure of the published sale estimate. Polished surfaces, glass and picture frames are excluded.
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Please supply as much information as possible, including the make, period, model, material and colour
Reserves of less than £20 or £10 will not be accepted (see terms)

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Scale of Charges (plus VAT at current rate)

Commission Rate - 15% per lot (minimum £2 per lot)
Entry Fee - £3 per lot
PAT Test Fee - £5.00 per item