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The 63rd Annual Hay & Straw Sale – Report

The 63rd Annual Hay & Straw Sale Report – PDF

The 63rd Adkin/Thimbleby & Shorland Annual Sale of Hay & Straw was held live and online again this year, with more prospective buyers registered online than were in the room. In an almost complete reversal of last year’s trade, the market for straw was extremely strong, due to the difficult conditions at harvest when much straw could not be baled. With no let-up in demand in spite of the open autumn, the trade was strong and many buyers were left empty handed. Whilst there is plenty of fodder about, much if it was August made and consequently of relatively low quality. However, given the paucity of good June made hay, well-made August hay still found a trade, reflected in the 67% clearance and £96/tonne average. The range however was from £120/tonne to £47/tonne. Good seeds hay found a ready market with a 100% clearance and top price of approximately £150/tonne. There was some trade for haylage with 4’ round bales selling for £17.50 each.

Auctioneer Chris Boreham said: “What a difference a year makes! I was very pleased with the trade overall and with about 1200 tonnes on offer, under the circumstances an overall clearance of 65% was better than I expected, given the large entry of fodder. I think the trade has hardened, probably due to the weather. We have several new vendors this year and I hope they are happy with the overall result. As last year, there was little straw entered, but for very different reasons. I said last year that the weather and its effect on the trade is impossible to predict – and I’m sure that remains the case as we continue to experience such extremes.”
Thanks go to all parties for continuing to support the sale, and to those newer vendors.

Principal prices achieved were:



Big Bales
Top price Claas 2200 bales £40 per bale (approximately £120/tonne) (Dave Skardon). Average approx. £96/tonne. 67% clearance.


Big Bales
Top price JD bales £50 per bale (approximately £150/tonne) (N Shore). Average approx. £135 per tonne. 100% clearance.


Wheat Straw

Top price MF 2260 bales £33 per bale (approx. £108/tonne) (Bitmead Cholsey Partnership). Average approx. £104/tonne. 100% clearance.

Barley Straw

One entry of MF 2240 bales £23/bale (approx. £112/tonne).

For more information please contact Truman Hunt on 0118 950 8611 or email truman@tsauction.co.uk

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