Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Buying at Auction

Do I need to register to bid?
Yes, you will need to register at the auction office and obtain a Buyer’s Number before bidding.

Do I have to pay to bid?
For Plant & Equipment and Vehicle sales you will be asked for a refundable deposit at time of registration.

How do I bid?
When you wish to make a bid it is advisable to make sure that you are visible to the Auctioneer and to bid by making a clear gesture with your hand or by waving a catalogue. If you think that the Auctioneer has not seen you then repeat the gesture until your bid has been acknowledged by the Auctioneer.

How and when do I pay for a lot that I’ve bought?
Any lot that you buy is your responsibility from the fall of the hammer, because at that moment legal title passes to the Buyer. When you have bid on all the items that you wish to, you should proceed to the auction office to pay for lot(s) purchased, and then collect your purchases on production of your receipt. You will not be able to collect your purchases until you have paid for them.

How do I know what sales you have coming up?
We publish an annual calendar of all our regular sales and this can be viewed on the website. We also send out regular e-shots to remind you of our up-coming sales and to let you know what is in the catalogue. If you would like to receive these then please register on the website.

Can I view catalogues of up-coming sales on line?
Yes. All of our sale catalogues can be viewed on line in advance of a sale.

Selling at Auction

How do I submit a lot to an auction?
You should fill in an Entry Form and send it to us. Entry Forms for all categories of sale can be found on our website by clicking on the tab entitled “Entry Forms”. Alternatively telephone us and we will send an entry form to you.

How much does it cost to sell at auction?
Our charges vary according to the type of sale. They can be found on the relevant Entry Form.

When do I get my money?
We will pay you within 2 weeks of the auction.

Can I put a minimum price (reserve) on an item?
Yes you can put what is known as a reserve on an item, which means that we will not sell it for less than that amount.

What happens if my lot doesn’t sell?
We will let you know after the sale and you must come and collect it. You may wish to talk to us about re-entering it into another sale.

Can I get a valuation of an item that I am thinking of selling?
Yes. If it is possible to bring the item in then we can often give you an idea of likely sale value there and then. If it is too big to bring in then email or post photographs of the item along with as much information as you can on it and we will contact you with a rough valuation. If you have a large number of items a visit can be arranged.